Dawn's Darling RagDolls

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Blue eyed whites

Welcome to Dawn's Darling Ragdolls a small cattery in Newton Ks.
I fell in love with the Ragdoll for their docile nature, large size, and their loving need to be around people. Because of there docile nature, they do not do well outside and are     ~~INDOOR CATS ~~.
I am dedicated to raising Quality Purebred Ragdoll Kittens in Traditional Seal, Blue, and Minks too.  All of our  Ragdoll kittens and ragdoll cats are born and raised inside our home as part of our family in ensuring they are well socialized and loving Ragdoll kittens before leaving for their new homes .We take pride in our Cattery and our goal is to breed healthy, beautiful Ragdoll kittens with perfect Ragdoll temperaments . All our Ragdoll cats are up to date on all shots/wormer and TICA registered.
nuvet supplement
     NuVet vitamins are given to all my adult cats and their litters daily. I highly recommend NuVet and have noticed an amazing improvement in my Ragdoll cats/kittens beautiful coats.  It is a powder that is sprinkled on their wet or dry food.  Cats can be finicky eaters at times and this assists in keeping them healthy. Pregnancy, birth and nursing can really drain a mom and take its toll on her. Nuvet supplement is a great boost to their bodies and their healthy kittens. Please see above tab on website under
to order and see more information about the Nuvet supplement.