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“I picked up my kitten (Moose) January 3rd 2018. After dealing with different breeders who wouldn’t respond or answer questions Dawn was amazing to work with. She always replies quickly, and still she replies quickly after purchasing moose! My kitten was very healthy and adapted to my apartment beautifully!! She does everything with me from sleeping, watching tv, and cooking in the kitchen! She loves attention, and I say that’s solely from her being raised so well by Dawn!! Thank you, Dawn!!

– Sydney Long 1/22/2018
“Today is the first birthday for our little girl Jack Henry. She makes us smile every day and we’re so happy to have her!”

– Karen and Greg Harman (Saturday February 3rd, 2018)
“Thank you so much for our little Zues! He is great kitten/cat. He has been affectionate and just a social butterfly since day one! We love him. Thank you”

– Natalie- Sept.12th, 2017

Robert Robinson

My wife and I picked up our kittens from Dawn August 8th, 2023 and we couldn’t be happier. I could tell she has spent time with them while in there 12 weeks of getting ready for our home. Both of our kittens adapted not only to our home but to both of us overnight. They eat well, are potty trained and are in excellent health. Along the 1: week wait Dawn answered any questions we had and kept us updated with weekly photos. You can’t ask for anything more! We would purchase again from her and feel certain you will too!

Susan Olsen

"Just giving you an update, this little girl has totally captivated the household, she gets along with everyone dogs, the other cat and the old cat man of 21. She has gone visiting, wears her little harness and really has no fears. She goes for her second kitten visit next week to the vet. We just love her.”

–  (Thursday, October 03 14 04:01 pm EDT)

Sarah Haldeman

“Oh my goodness!! I love her!!! We named her Willow. I can tell she was well socialized. She's fitting right in not missing a beat! Our Weimaraner is in love with her, following her everywhere... She doesn't mind at all!!! Our other dog, Trixie, the pointer/Aussie mix, is hilarious. She's actually still afraid of the kitten right now! Ha! I think she's confused..... She's never seen such a bold little thing march right up to her! Thank you so much!!!! We'll be in touch!!!! Take care!”

 (Sept. 2014)

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Jul 04

Our baby Shadow is the most beautiful, sweet, clever, and funny kitty. Our pandemic pet, we brought her home in August of 2020. She had the best personality, and has been perfectly litter box trained from day one. Couldn't have imagined a more perfect angel, and will have to come back to Dawn when it's time for our next kitten. ♥️

Dawn Miller
Dawn Miller
2 days ago
Replying to

Thank you for your testimonial! I am happy to have been able to match you with a kitten that's perfect for you :)

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