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Welcome to Dawn's Darling Ragdolls, a haven for Ragdoll enthusiasts! Our cattery is a small, family-owned and operated breeding program, with over 13 years of experience. We are dedicated to raising resilient, friendly, and lovable Ragdolls. We're passionate about this breed and strive to preserve its integrity and beauty through responsible breeding practices.

As you step into our cattery, you'll be greeted by the soft purrs and gentle head butts of our loving Ragdolls. Our cats are raised in a warm and nurturing environment, surrounded by attention and care. We prioritize their health, well-being, and socialization, ensuring they grow into confident and affectionate companions.


Our breeding program focuses on:

  • Health testing for genetic diseases (HCM and PKD) through

  • Socialization from an early age 

  • High quality nutrition and care 

  • Temperament and intelligence

  • Physical characteristics that meet the breed standard

By choosing a Ragdoll from us, you'll not only get a beautiful and loving kitty but also:

  • A companion that will follow you everywhere

  • A snuggle buddy that will keep you warm and cozy

  • A playmate that will entertain and delight

  • A loyal friend that will stand by your side

We're committed to providing you with a seamless and joyful experience. Our Ragdolls come with:

  • TICA Registration papers

  • Two sets of vaccinations and dewormed

  • Ongoing support and guidance


These pictures go all the way back to 2013! 

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